Ready packing, already on the road to Island Cup Games?

Ready packing, already on the road to Island Cup Games?

This Friday morning we will meet (and some of you we will meet on Thursday already). Are you packed? Or maybe you are already on the road to Dordrecht.

We want to wish you save travels and we’ll see you very soon. Put on your smiling face this weekend and have fun.

10 days…… and we’re off

10 days…… and we’re off

We are counting the days. Looking forward to another weekend of fun.

Off course it’s exhausting too, but you make it all worthwhile.

This year we have 4 new teams in our midst. We trust that they will like it as much as everyone else. We are always so proud that so much teams want to join us again and again. And 4 teams out of the top 5 from last year are competing for the cup again. So we trust it to be an exciting weekend again, with a lot of great ice hockey games to watch for everyone.

Skills challenges at Island Cup Games

Skills challenges at Island Cup Games

Always wanted to know who has the best shot on your team?

We designed 2 challenges for you this year at Island Cup Games. As a team you can nominate a player that shows his/her skills for free (one for the accuracy challenge and one for the hardest shot challenge). Every other player that challenges him pays € 2,00 for a try at the hardest shot or most accurate shot competition.  

Shooting accuracy challenge:


  • A player gets 10 pucks shoots them from a fixed location.
  • You need to hit a target.
  • The amounts of hits gives you a score with a maximum of 10/10.

Hardest shot challenge:

  • A player gets 3 pucks and needs to shoot them as hard as possible.
  • The only requirement is that you hit the net.
  • The hardest shot out of the 3 is the score you get.

For both challenges you can buy a personalized shirt printed with your score on it.

Hockey Community App

Hockey Community App

This will be the year of more connectivity. We got to know the Hockey Community app in another tournament and were very enthusiastic. All team managers, our contact persons, got an email with some explanation. When they know your email address, they can add you as a player and you will be able to use the app. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate and ask us.

What does the Hockey Community app mean for you?

When you are a player, goalie, team manager or otherwise involved with one of the teams, you can use the app (IOS as well as Android) to see:

  • The game schedule as a whole or specific for your team
  • See your team mates
  • The Results and standings of the tournament
  • The Rules
  • Notifications
  • Send messages to each other

Download the free app and join the hockey community!

Only 15 days till Island Cup Games 2018

Only 15 days till Island Cup Games 2018

Time flies when you’re waiting for something fun.

Are you ready for a long weekend with us, your friends, food & drinks, a lot of fun and great entertainment. Oh yeah that’s right and also with a lot of ice hockey 😉

We have some great entertainment for you guys, some will still remember the pole dansers from last year. Otherwise, just look in our gallery. A little hint of what’s coming this year, and more……

We are ready. Just the last small things to get ready.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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