Just 3 spots left

Just 3 spots left

Just 3 spots left

For the first time in 8 seasons we have a team from Switzerland. Gekkos Hockey Team has registered for our 8th edition.

This means we have 3 spots left. We have a few reservations but as long as they did not register the spots are free for your team too.

  • Gekkos Hockey Team – Switserland
  • Flashguns Heist – Belgium
  • EVU-Ukot – Finland
  • Lunch Hockey Team – Finland
  • Dinamit – Russia
  • KMC Eagles – USA stationed in Germany
  • Gentlemen Hockey de Paris – France
  • Team Bielefeld – Germany
  • Norwegian Penguins – Norway
  • Gladiators – The Netherlands
  • Black Sheep – The Netherlands (Organizing team)
Teams so far

Teams so far

Which teams are coming

We had a cancellation and a few reservations, but as long as the reservations are not registrations, you can register to come and join us in Dordrecht at Island Cup Games.


The following teams are confirmed:

  • Flashguns Heist
  • EVU-Ukot
  • Lunch Hockey Team
  • Dinamit
  • KMC Eagles
  • Gentlemen Hockey de Paris
  • Team Bielefeld
  • Norwegian Penguins
  • Gladiators
  • Black Sheep

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