We can’t do without rules. We try to have a minimum of them. We assume you’ve all read them.


All volunteers are recognized by the Island Cup Games grey hoodie. The organization has done everything in their power to give everyone a unique experience. If there are any questions or concerns, speak to one of the volunteers, they will help you


On a projection and posters in the rink you will find the floor plan, schedule and game results. There will also be a banner with the static game results. Off course all info will also be in this app and on our regular website


Island Cup games has a fair-play character. The organization expects sportsmanship from players, visitors, coaches and others, both on the ice and beyond. Please read the article Ice hockey carefully.


During the tournament there are official helpers in orange vests. In emergencies, they are the first point of contact. They take care to follow the correct procedures as soon as possible to achieve the right solution. When you can’t find them, ask a crew member.


Smoking is not allowed in the Sportsboulevard. If you want to smoke, you can go outside.


No pets are allowed in the Sportboulevard.


In front of the ice rink there is a big parking lot. After 18.00pm it will only cost 2 euro till 03.00am. Before 18.00pm the price per hour is 1,30 euro’s (max. 13 euro’s). At the weekend parking costs are 2 euro’s a day. Every time you leave the parking lot you have to buy a new ticket.


First you will receive a welcome package for your team. In this package you will find tournament shirts and also all sorts of goodies. Also there are tournament wristbands in the package. It is intended that both the players, the coach and the ‘cheerleaders’ will put it on their wrist for all 3 days, so we know who is welcome at the dinner buffet and the party’s.
On Friday you will receive a lunchbox for the team. After the last game there will be diner and party at ‘ Postillion Hotels’. The organisation will arrange the transport to and from with mini vans. Can you let us know if you’ll be using our transport please.
On Saturday you will receive a lunchbox for your team. And after the last game we have diner and party at ‘De Witten Haen’. The organisation will arrange the transport to and from with mini vans.
On Sundays, you will receive a lunchbox for the team.


The games will be played according to the published schedule and following IIHF recreational rules. This allows slap shots and body contact but no body checks. Any infraction concerning body checking will be penalized. The Icing rule is applied. Face-offs following a penalty that creates a short-handed situation will be taken in the violating teams own zone.

The matches will be played with duration of 2x 20 minutes. Due to the tight schedule the organisation expects the teams to be game-ready on time.
Please beware the game will start on time. If any team is not ready to start playing, they shall receive a warning from the referees to get ready within 30 seconds. When a team fails to comply a 1 minute minor penalty for delaying the game shall be assessed. The time of all penalties start at the next face-off moment.

After every other game, we would kindly like to ask each team to provide a volunteer to move the goals because the ice will be resurfaced after every game.
For competition purpose the game points are as listed below:

  • Winner   3 points
  • Draw       1 point
  • Loss        0 point

In the event of a tied standing after the first and the second game round, the following tie-breakers will be used in this order:

  • The result between the tied teams
  • The better number of goals for
  • The better number of goals against
  • The fewest penalties in minutes

In the unlikely event these tie-breakers do not produce a winner, the final decision
rests with the organizations game officials.
Minor penalties are 1 minute instead of 2. Every 6th minor to the same player in the same game is converted to major and thus game-ejection.
Mayor penalties are an automatic game misconduct. The team of the penalized player will NOT be short-handed following a major.
A second major by the same player will result in ejection from the tournament (even if you are from abroad)! (note: not the combination of 6 minors and a major)
Please count to 10 before doing something stupid. It’s a friendly tournament.

All officials do this out of love for the game. They are here, so you can play! Please treat everybody with the same amount of respect you want others to treat you with. Abuse of officials will be reposted to the organization’s official for review and further disciplinary actions.

Participation is at your own risk.


Your team gets the key to the dressing room against a deposit of 50,- euro. If you hand in your key on Sunday afternoon, you will receive the deposit back. If you lose the key, the deposit will be used to pay for the damage to Optisport (also possible damage to dressing room).


During the tournament you will have access to your own dressing room with (shared) showers. We expect that at the end of each tournament day the dressing room is left tidy, with an empty floor. The clothing / ice hockey uniforms can be left in the dressing rooms throughout the tournament. Damage inflicted by you, to the dressing room or the rest of accommodation, will be at your expense.


Between the games you can see other games from the stands. These are accessible by stairs and by elevator.


The Ice Bar is exclusively available to the participants and ‘cheerleaders’ in the tournament. In the lunchbox you will receive a drink. Other drinks can be purchased at the bar.

This year you can also get a special deal at the bar:

  • Pasta to go + drink for only € 6,50
  • Burger, fries + drink for only €9,50


If you want to go sight seeing in Dordrecht, please make sure you will be back on time for your next game. On Friday and Saturday transportation to the dinner / party locations will be from 19.30 till 21.00 and back from 0.30 till 1.30. If you want to stay longer, that is possible, then you will have to take a taxi back to your hotel, or go by your own car.

Taxi Centrale Dordrecht +31 (0) 78 613 12 34  |  +31 (0) 78 613 58 00  |  |

Taxi Centrale Drechtsteden +31 (0) 78 645 20 03 | 

JAD Taxi Centrale +31 (0) 78 631 00 00 |  | 

Parking in front of the hotel for free, ask the crew for a map.



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