This year we will be having our tournament with 12 teams. We had some last minute changes. The provisional game schedule is made and we are in full prep mode. A lot of things has to be done in the final month before Island Cup Games starts. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of our old friends, but also a lot of new friends this year.

Teams Island Cup Games 2018

Poule A

  • Dinamit – Russia
  • EVU-Ukot – Finland
  • Flashguns Heist – Belgium
  • Gladiators – The Netherlands
  • Norwegian Penguins – Norway
  • Team Bielefeld – Germany

Poule B

  • ATHockey – Russia
  • Lunch Hockey Team – Finland
  • Gentlemen Hockey de Paris – France
  • Black Sheep – The Netherlands
  • Gekkos Hockey Team – Switzerland
  • KMC Eagles – USA (stationed in Germany)


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning the teams will play within their own Poule. That will give a standing after the first round. And on Sunday afternoon the teams will play against the team with the same standing in the other poule. This way we get the overall winner of Island Cup Games.


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